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Zoe - BH, SPr1, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, V2, Kkl1, 5VQ1/P

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V2 Rated

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SG & 5VQ1/P show rating

Hips 0/0  (Excellent)

Elbows fast Normal

Czech Import


Zoe is our phenomenal Czech imported female.  She is highly titled, has excellent hips, and has earned her show rating as well.  Zoe has earned her BH, IPO1, IPO2, & IPO3 titles consisting of extensive training in protection, tracking, and on and off leash obedience.  IPO3 is the highest title possible. Zoe is the highest titled dog we own!

Zoe is an absolutely gorgeous deep black sable with red undertones.  She has perfect conformation, a beautiful head, dark eyes, correct ear set, and a quick, athletic build.

She loves to work, is stable and clear headed, high drive, quick to the sleeve, and has calm, full bites.  Zoe loves to track and is dedicated to finding her target, she has flashy obedience and is very handler focused.  Zoe is not equipment driven and will attack a sleeve, suit or hidden sleeve. She been raised in a family environment and is stable and clear minded, with a strong civil side and good defensive drives.  She will protect for real, but she is also a cuddle bug and loves attention and children. She is the ideal female to produce world class, strong, civil, dogs for police, dual purpose, or real world family protection.

Zoe is extremely handler oriented.  She will only go to someone who will invest the time into her to bond with her.  She is a one person dog and is very untrusting and aloof to new people.  She needs someone who wants a dog that will be by their side and will spend the time with her to become her new best friend.  If you do, you will be rewarded with the devotion of a dog that is of rare caliber!

Zoe is an own daughter of Extreme Orex Aykmar! Those in the dog world need no introduction to Extreme.  He is the 3 time Czech National Champion! The 2015  World Champion, and the 2017 world runner-up! Extreme is a legend.

Extreme Orex Aykmar:

IPO3, SPr3, 5CX1/P

QUALIFICATION WUSV 2015 1st place CACT(97,96,95), Master of Czech Republic - age 36 months !!!

WUSV 2014 Haguenau, 8th place ( 93,98,94 ) 285 points, BEST OBEDIENCE WUSV 98 points - age 28 months !!!
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic - age 25 months
BH (60)
IPO1 (100,92,100)
IPO2 (97,99,100)
IPO3 (99,99,99)
SPr1 (100)
SPr2 (100)
SPr3 (99)

Extreme is a world class dog!  He produces exceptional dogs, including the current world champion this year! This year's world champion, Gringo Ja Na Ka, is a son of Extreme!

Zoe's dam also has a very impressive pedigree stacked with all the greats: Tom, Ellute, Yoschy, and Javir, just to name a few.

Zoe is an extremely impressive and special girl and a huge asset to our breeding program.  Imagine what talented, elite, world class progeny she will produce! 

If you are interested in bringing Zoe home as a personal protection dog, please call 406.360.2990

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