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About Spartan

Spartan Shepherds s a breeder of World Class German Shepherd puppies in Victor, Montana. We are committed to raising elite German Shepherds in a way that preserves the integrity, nobility, and magnificence of this exceptional dog breed.
Spartan is a passion project - we aim to show the world how great the German Shepherd can be, drastically improve the domestic genetic pool of the breed, as well as raise awareness of the vital role these dogs can play in family life as well as professional and home protection. Champion quality shepherds bring companionship, protection and peace of mind.

Our Story

Spartan Shepherds is owned by April Jolley, single mama to 6 of the best kids in the world!
My family came up the Oregon Trail to settle in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana in the 1800s and built the family homestead.  Ever since we have raised cattle, horses, various other livestock, and farmed.  Because of this, I grew up working with animals, understanding the care of animals, and loving them.  We currently have a small ranch complete with cattle, horses, chickens, 4-H projects, cats, and the resident deer.
My family still lives on and proudly operates the family homestead many generations later. 
Every of our pups is raised right along with our kids, and our menagerie of animals.  You can be sure your new puppy will be accustomed to a lot of different sights and sounds! 
I have lived with and around German Shepherds all my life, and I believe there is no more well-rounded canine that a person could own.  Spartan was conceived in 2010, following a home invasion that put our family in extreme danger.  I purchased our first stud, Blitz, shortly thereafter.  He was large, dark, and very intimidating, but had a lover's soul and bonded to each member of the family tightly.  We knew we had found a dog that would spend his life for his family, and we would do the same.  Blitz turned heads wherever he went, and with the purchase of our first dam, Taija, Spartan Shepherds was born.  
Our time since has been spent researching, developing, importing, and breeding some of the highest quality bloodlines you will see in the world.  Our goal has been simple: bring the highest quality shepherds to your backyard.  At Spartan, you will discover the best. 


Wide Open Spaces, Family Setting

We are located in beautiful Big Sky Country, in Victor, Montana. We ship our dogs and pups worldwide, and have shipped to every state in the U.S. as well as multiple countries around the world. Here in Victor, our dogs have the wide open space to grow and thrive.
Spartan dogs have everything they need here to be the best protection and family dogs possible!


We Love German Shepherds.

We believe there is no better dog to be man's best friend and protector. This belief has fueled our commitment and passion to raise truly incredible dogs, and bring Europe's finest to your home. Our dogs will impress and inspire, combining intelligence, health, desire to please, loyalty, fearlessness, courage, athleticism, and beauty into one incredible, remarkable experience.  Partnered with Spartan, you'll discover the best - beauty, power, and soul!

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